In November, Lucky Rabbit Pictures was named the Artist in Residence at the Chinese Culture Center, one of the leading art institutions in San Francisco. Lucky Rabbit Pictures will be the youngest ever and first filmmakers in this residency and will be working out of the historic 41 Ross Studio in the heart of San Francisco’s Chinatown. At the beginning of December we had our Opening Night featuring live performances, immersive art installations, and educational portions. Tickets for entry were receipts proving a $5 purchase at a local Chinatown business which led to raising nearly $838.33 for our neighbors. We hope to build on this number.
Pictured below: Our rabbiting team at the Rabbit Hole
We’ll be hosting a number of community centered programs and events throughout our residency. We are excited to reveal them over time and welcome anyone who wants to become part of the Lucky Rabbit family to join in. 

In the process we’ll be producing an ‘anti-documentary’ named “Bridge to Everywhere,” centered around the impending demolition of Portsmouth Square Bridge through the perspectives of the inhabitants of this urban jungle: the Chinese elderly, the skaters, and the pigeons. 

In addition, we will be developing a spec television pilot - an episodic science fiction set in the California ghost town Locke -- the last rural Chinatown in America. Inspired by 'The Twilight Zone,' the series will explore the only town made by the Chinese for the Chinese.

I still am processing how the last few months came to be. I was not supposed to be here. My father and his family immigrated from Hong Kong into SRO housing in Chinatown in 1967. One generation later and his son is an artist with a studio two blocks where they landed looking for a better life. Keep up with us, we’re going to make the best out of this opportunity. 

We made this documentary showing how a few kids turned 41 Ross into our new home - The Rabbit Hole. Watch it to learn why it matters for us to be in Chinatown and our big goals for these next few months.
-Spencer Tsang, Director at Lucky Rabbit Pictures
-Spencer Tsang, Director at Lucky Rabbit Picture

Spencer here -- emailing you at the end of our residency with the Chinese Culture Center in Chinatown, San Francisco.
The dust has settled. Joe Talbot’s have been talked to. 41 Ross has been vacated. I am overwhelmed with emotions by what a couple of kids did in Chinatown. 
Thank you to every one of you who took time to stumble into our alley way. As a wise friend told me - the rabbit hole was a testament to the resiliency and potential of Chinatown.It takes a village to do something like we did, and yall gave us a city. Thank you, we'll never forget the support.
A couple months ago we came up with the idea for the Rabbit Hole and the programs we aspired to do and were met with hesitance - labeled “green” aka inexperienced. But it was the belief and support we received which pushed us. 5 events in 1.5 months is almost one event per week. And we made noise. I’ve heard it in others - specifically the people who live in this community and the leaders who built them:
“So you’re the artists-in-residence I’ve been hearing about!”
“Keep pushing the envelope.”
“I am so happy to see young people doing things here in Chinatown. What would usually be a quiet Sunday is now a celebration.
“We can’t see ourselves in creative careers until we see ourselves in spaces like these.”
Over $2.5k raised for local businesses with the receipt ticket initiative.  All cash donations will be donated to Be Chinatown, which supports AAPI businesses.
This space under the lanterns was a home where relationships were sparked, dreams heard, and gratitude shared. We hope you got some value out of our space, and left with a piece of Chinatown in your heart.
There was a time when I believed growing up Chinese was synonymous with living not to fail. Here, I am so grateful to meet people from this community who have welcomed me with open arms and inspired me through their dedication to something bigger than themselves. Thank you to YuanYuan, Hoi, and Stephen from the CCC for believing in our team every step of the way. James Q Chan for seeing me, and your dedication to doing Chinatown right through stories. Abby Chen, who I see in my head when I think of a badass leader. Candace and Linda from Edge on the Square for sharing that auntie wisdom and tenderness. Mabel Teng and Tan Chow for showing me a brilliant reimagining of what community can be. 
I am inspired by the dedicated people who have shown up to literally make these events happen. Our resources were limited, but our creativity was infinite and I am so proud of these rabbits - Jazz, our curator who got shit done and grounded me whenever I felt a tinge of doubt. My Lucky Rabbit production team - BB Bridgette and Mincent, whose excitement and levity constantly remind me why we do what we do, and how much we can achieve. V-Dawg for showing me how we are chosen because we chose ourselves. DJ Niko for taking care of us. Markie and Alpha Spencer for showing me that the Rabbit Hole was something the people needed. Noa and Adrian, for always showing me what friendship really can be. Phil Elleston for being kind because he recognizes in this moment, it is the thing we need.
Throughout this process ~ no matter how many walls we hit, I have at no point felt alone, and for that I feel like the luckiest man in the world. We keep it pushing.
I am so proud of what the Rabbit Hole has evolved into, and we here mutually agree that this is something that needs to be continued and that we love doing. I am excited to fully get back to the films - we have a lot in the works, but I think there is something bigger than just us brewing here in San Francisco. We have some plans in the works, and we can’t wait to share them with you.
Stay tuned, the Rabbit Hole will be back.

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