Director's Statement 
The highlight of my year by far was receiving a film grant for a screenplay titled "Fight Night" that I wrote on the topic of youth and toxic masculinity, inspired by my adolescence. I am eternally grateful to Mariah Neuroth, One Love Foundation, and the Allstate foundation for this life changing opportunity.
I had many conversations with young men from around the country leading up to the production of the film. In these exchanges it was equally incredible and sad to hear this universal experience that we seemed to share about our adolescence. Growing up as a man when the definition of the term is so shrouded in toxicity and confusion. The encounters with violence we had at a young age. I knew this was a subject that needed to be talked about.
Most of all, it was a very special time working on this project because it gave me the chance to make something that I believed 16 year old Spencer needed to see. Especially making minority representation a priority is something I am proud of, as I did not often see it in my media growing up.
Fight Night will be premiering in high schools across the country in 2022 to begin conversations on masculinity in the classroom through One Love - an organization that teaches youth how to have healthy relationships. As my uncle said to me: "if one person watches this and is affected positively, then it was worth making this film."

I hope this to be true.
-Spencer Tsang, Director, Writer
produced for the One Love and Allstate Insurance Foundation.
starring the supremely talented cast of 
Jasper Capalad as Eli 
Peyton Tenison as Amil
 Shane Farrell as Conner
 Aphilas Araia as Kip 

Director - Spencer Tsang 
Written by Spencer Tsang, Max Civita, and Nicolas Hernandez 
DP - Izzy Rael 
Unit Production Manager - Jazz Alcanices 
AD - Nicolas Hernandez 
Art Director - Noa Gross 
Script Supervisor - Max Civita
 AC - Chase Okimura, Lara Catalina Muhlenweg, & John Blaverman
 Boom Op - Gabriel Garcia 
Gaffer - Yorgos Tzoytzoyrakos, John Blaverman, & Jack Lattin 
Grip - Nolan Kim 
MUA - Lizeth Janil Ayala
 Fellowship Supervisor - Mariah Neuroth 
Consulting Producer - Brian Khan 
Animator - Spencer Tsang 
Editor - Spencer Tsang 
a Lucky Rabbit Picture 
Produced by Full Spectrum Features 
Executive Producers - The One Love Foundation in Honor of Yeardley Love & The Allstate Foundation
 "To Be a Man" performed by Zach Settle 

this film will be screened in high schools across the USA to begin conversations on toxic masculinity. 

Special Thank You to Karina Hernandez 
Thank you Mom, Dad, and Sam for making this year happen.

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